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Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage has been serving the people of Dessalines and the surrounding communities in Haiti since Don & Doris Peavey founded it in 1972. EGO is focused on sharing the gospel of Christ through both word and deed in ways that are applicable to the needs of the Haitian people. One of those ways is through orphan care. These infants and children are placed with EGO through Haitian Social Services because of deceased family members, parental abuse, neglect, and special medical needs. Throughout the years the number of children that have called EGO home has fluctuated. To meet their housing needs buildings were built, added on to, remodeled, and repaired. In every situation God provided the resources and the team on the ground found a way to make it work for the kids.


Today, the current 3 dorm system at EGO is ready yet again for a remodel, but this time it goes beyond the current brown and yellow brick. We are redesigning our current system of care to reflect a more family like setting, closer to what we feel God’s design for family is. On the back half of the EGO compound we are building 5 houses. These will be divided into 2 independent living spaces each containing their own bathroom, kitchen facility, living room, and two small bedrooms to modestly house a family of 7-8. We will be hiring and training house parent(s) for each family unit to be mom (and dad) to 6-7 of our kids. We are so excited to improve our quality of care for the kids and give them the best foundation we can to grow to be Christian leaders in their communities. We feel that one of ways to make this happen is through family unit care!


Would you consider helping to make this vision become a reality? From now through January 1st we will be raising money block by block to complete the Family Unit Housing project. We broke ground on the first family unit in 2015 and we are well on our way, but we need your help to finish it! We need just over $80,000 to get us to the point where are ready for furniture. No gift is too small, God blesses every penny, and bit by bit the work is done. 

                                                                                        Please specify fund -  Family unit construction

    • In the new family unit care model the kids will learn more about what a family is like by example so they can be better prepared to have and raise a family of their own.

    •  The group family “parents” will be specifically trained to be foster mothers. They will receive ongoing training and resources directly related the kids’ needs in their family unit rather than being blanket trained on how to take care of kids in general. They will feel more of an attachment and responsibility to “their kids” and this will be reflected in more positive emotional and physical support of the children in their family unit.

    •  The aging older dormitories are wearing out and have become very time consuming to maintain. Remodeling them to be the group family units would be very expensive and difficult to do considering the space around the existing dormitories is limited.

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Over the next 5 weeks we’ll be sharing different reasons why we are moving in this direction and ways that this project will benefit the kids. Follow us on Facebook,  sign up to our email list and check back in to this page to make sure you don’t miss any exciting news.