Your gifts to EGO help provide food, a Christian education, medical care and childcare for the children. You may also support our missionaries at EGO. We are grateful for your generosity! Read below for all of the places within EGO that need your support or Donate HERE!


    When you sponsor a child at EGO, your donation helps provide food, shelter, clothing, medical help, childcare and Christian education. Plus, you'll be blessed by watching a boy or girl grow up and by praying for them every day!  Learn More about Sponsorship.

    Sponsorship FAQ's.

  • Gift registry

    Would you like to help EGO by donating school supplies or other needed items? Click HERE for our registry! If you purchase an item elsewhere, please update the registry. We are so grateful for your help!

    View the Gift Registry

  • STUDENT scholarship

    Due to decades of high illiteracy rates in Haiti, a quality education is cherished as a means of hope for the future of the Haitian people. Institution Mixte Peavey (IMP) provides quality academic and spiritual support to the community. Click HERE to provide a scholarship for a student.

  • Emergency medical fund

    Haitians do not have health insurance. If a child at EGO needs urgent medical care at a hospital, the fees have to paid up front or the patient cannot enter. Surgery is very costly. You can contribute to the Emergency Medical Fund to be used when urgent care is required.

    Donate HERE.

  • Missionary SUPPORT

    Our missionary staff at EGO raise their own funds for living expenses. If you would like to help support Ken & Marla Drowley, Don & Doris Peavey, Samantha Drowley or Tim Bakken, please donate HERE.

  • Mission teams

    Mission teams travel to EGO to do construction, provide Bible training, care for babies, or help with special projects. If you would like to help support a mission team, click HERE to donate or Learn more.

  • Orphans to world changers

    Orphans to World Changers is a 3 year educational VISA program where young adults from EGO will be given the opportunity to complete their education in the U.S. This life-changing opportunity will not only give them hope, it will change the trajectory of their lives and equip them to be world-changers in Haiti! Click HERE to donate.


Your gifts to Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage help provide food, Christian education, medical and childcare for the children. You may also support our missionaries at EGO. We are grateful for your generosity!