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    When you sponsor a child at EGO, your donation helps to provide food, shelter, clothing, medical help, childcare, and Christian education. Plus, you'll be blessed by watching a boy or girl grow up, and by praying for your sponsored child every day!

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    Due to decades of high illiteracy rates in Haiti, a quality education is cherished as a means of hope for the future of the Haitian people. Institution Mixte Peavey ( IMP) provides quality academic and spiritual support to the community of Dessalines.

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What does my sponsorship donation provide?

When you SPONSOR a child at EGO, your donation helps provide food, shelter, clothing, medical help, childcare, and Christian education.

How much do I give?

EGO exists on the kindness of individual donors and does not receive money from any government or program. So your generosity is appreciated! You may give any amount in any time frame, but we suggest:
$40 per month for a child age 4 and older
$60 per month for a baby through age 4

Why is it more to sponsor a baby?

In Haiti, baby formula is very expensive. Since there are always several babies being raised at EGO, there is great need for formula and diapers. We are grateful for your extra monthly donations which help with supplies and childcare expenses for the babies!

Does my donation go directly to my child?

Sponsoring a child makes it possible for the orphanage to care for the children, but also helps provide jobs for Haitians in Dessalines. EGO employs Haitian school teachers, construction workers at the school, cooks and kitchen helpers who feed hundreds of people daily, as well as supplies for construction projects and maintenance of orphanage buildings and farmland.

How important is prayer for my sponsored child?

Praying for your sponsored child is crucial! It helps bring you closer to them as you pray for their health, spiritual growth, academic achievement, safety and emotional development. Prayer is the greatest blessing you can offer.

Will I get pictures of my sponsored child?

All sponsors receive a picture of their sponsored child, and updates throughout the year. You may also receive a quarterly newsletter via email. If you're on Facebook, please check the EGO page for the latest news, prayer requests, celebrations and updated photos.

Can I correspond with my sponsored child?

The babies and little ones cannot write letters to their sponsors. However, sponsors of teenagers will receive a hand-written letter from them, once or twice a year as possible. Please remember that EGO’s staff is working hard to care for the children, so there is no capacity, at present, to translate and keep up with Sponsor’s correspondence.

Will I be the only sponsor for my child?

Our goal is that each child would eventually have more than one sponsor, as the cost to care for the orphans is much higher than $40 per month.

Are all of the children at EGO orphaned? 

The children at EGO have lost one or both of their parents. Women’s mortality rate during childbirth in Haiti is still very high, and there is not sufficient medical care. Even though it’s a difficult choice for a father to make, it is a loving choice he makes to secure the survival of his newborn after the loss of his wife.

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