Family Support

Supporting family preservation when it is possible.

Many individuals arrive at our front gate on a daily basis looking for assistance; anything from wanting us to take a baby that the mother has died, to needing help with school for their children, to needing help with medicine or medical appointments for a sick family member, to they are starving and need to feed their family. How do you know who is telling the truth? You don’t.

But you do know what questions to ask and with the help of our Social Worker, we are able to filter out a lot of discrepancy and lies. He is a very discerning and caring man who knows just the right questions to ask and the right people to call to get “the rest of the story.” In addition to the children we take in here at the orphanage, there are 20+ babies that we provide formula to in the local community. We also are helping two hydrocephaly toddlers who have medical appointments and surgeries each month; and a 25 year old CP gal who’s family is getting worn out and needed assistance with meds and live-in care. In addition, there are those who we help by paying for the children’s schooling so that they can stay with their families after mom and/or dad have passed away. In all that we do, we want to keep families together and help with whatever is making them feel like they need to “give-up” their child. By receiving sponsorship through our program the families can stay together. Our Social Worker is able to provide counseling and support as well. For those who live within the Dessalines area we are able to help by providing the school and clinic needs right here through our other ministries.

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