Mission Teams

Come visit us in Haiti and put your talents to work!

Throughout the past 46 years, EGO has welcomed mission teams to treat medical and dental patients, construct 14 buildings on the grounds, minister to the children and community through Christian education, and bring thousands of pounds of needed supplies...faith in action.

From the time you arrive at the airport in Port-au-Prince until you leave again, you will be greeted by friendly faces and lots of hugs. Our staff and children enjoy having visiting teams, but team members need to also understand that the same way you would treat someone else’s children in your church at home, you need to treat the children here in Haiti. Teams come to assist the staff and help with work projects; in addition, they receive an opportunity to play and sing with the children during established hours during the day. The temperatures are warm and you will drink lots of water and sweat a ton, but the memories you carry away with you will last a lifetime. Do you remember going to youth camp, or kid’s camp during the summer? Think of your time here as similar to that. You will have time to play, time to work, time to eat, time to sleep, time to take showers (please), and time to get to know new people; all are precious memories.

We are currently looking for individuals and teams with the following abilities:


    Cabinet makers, wood workers, furniture makers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, concrete and cement block masons, welders, fabricators, well pump repair skills & diesel mechanics.


    Ability to teach ceramics, pottery, needlework and creative sewing, oil & watercolor painting & weaving/crochet.


    Animal husbandry - primarily goats and sheep, nutrition, irrigation, hydroponics, hydro-culture, poultry, tilapia raising & small and large animal vets.


    Nursery help with babies & toddlers, help with handicap kids & tutors fluent in French to assist children with homework.


    Nurses, doctors, PA’s & Nurse practitioners.

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