Fundraiser for Baby Lucas

We are so thankful that IBESR (The Haitian Department of Child and Family Services) assigned an incredible social worker, Nicholas, to us at EGO. He is a liaison for all IBESR requirements and keeps EGO and IBESR in sync with our work together. He visits EGO and meets with the kids and caregivers once a week, and comes in more often if he is needed to decide on a critical intake case. We are so thankful for him and his passion for the safety and care of kids in Haiti who can all too often be forgotten.

In October, Nicholas and his wife welcomed their second child, a son, into the world. They picked the name Eliakim Lucas, meaning “God will establish” and “bringer of light”. True to his name he is the light of his proud father’s life. Sadly, shortly after Lucas’s birth they learned that he has some very complicated heart deformities. There is no soft way to put this, in Haiti that means death. There are no medical centers here that are able to perform the complicated surgery, and all of our usual resources for hospitals in the US have rejected him from their programs due to the future care he will need to receive. Lucas’s little heart will need a sequence of three surgeries and time to recover between. Doing everything in his power to save his son’s life Nicholas is making arrangements to take his baby boy to Cuba where they can provide the surgery and follow up care. The travel and healthcare costs will be around $11,000 USD. This on top of the months of medical bills is a big strain on Nicholas’ social worker salary. Nicholas is part of our EGO family and he has done so much to help our kids have a bright and promising future, we would like to help him provide his son a chance at the same. Would you consider giving a donation toward lifesaving medical care for baby Lucas?